Sunday, 6 June 2010

A truly glorious day at the Flat Lake

Cavan Singers gathered in the Flat Lake Festival Artists Car Park (Scotshouse GAA to you and me that is) last Saturday afternoon, armed with music - and UV protection cream Factor 50+ to match the weather. After we signed in and got armbanded, we queued for the first advernture of the afternoon - the quad & trailer shuttle to the stage. This was fun fun fun - pictured here are Dermot (Bass), Sally (Alto) and Gay (Soprano) on the first run...Sue (Tenor / Accompanist) seems to be looking on a little apprehensively off to the side...
We gathered in our performance tent, and sang joyfully for the audience who listened, joined in, Swayed appropriately, and definitely seemed to enjoy the show. (Gossip - eagle-eyed celebrity watchers even spotted the 'Sheriff of Nottingham' Keith Allen lounging on the grass in the tent, happily singing along with us.)
Our programme included Song of Jupiter, Gloria, Lascia, Ave Verum, Poor Man Lazarus, The Prayer, Turn Turn Turn, The Blackbird, Here Comes the Sun, Sway, Mac the Knife, and Hallelujah. 
When we finished, we all dispersed to enjoy the other entertainment on offer, the food and beverage, the sunshine, the chill out. We also enjoyed the Scottish Feral Choir clad in rainbow palette, who finished their set with a beautiful version of Auld Lang Syne.
As you can see, we thoroughly relaxed for the afternoon...thanks Carmel (Friend) and Mary (Alto) for taking the pictures.
After that, some of us went home - and some of us didn't. We'll be waiting for the comprehensive report Claire (Soprano)!!!

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