Sunday, 22 February 2015

Annual Memorial Service and Social Evening

On Friday night we had our Annual Memorial Service for deceased members and friends of the choir. We have had this event on our calendar for several years now, an evening when we take a look back with thanksgiving on times past, then have supper and song together and make plans for the future.
Paul had prepared us to sing Evening Service, which was conducted by Fr Kevin Donohoe (Bass -your place is being kept!) and Rev Mark Lidwill. We sang Locus Iste, Stand by Me (Tom Kendzia version), Psalm 26, The Magnificat, Cantique de Jean Racine and Abide with Me.

We gathered in the Farnham after wards for a meal with our friends and guests. This was followed by "singsong" led by Dessie Ronan, who lent both his musical talent and wit to the evening. We of course had the raffle with a prize for almost everyone in the audience. We had solos, duets, and choruses - no one needed a second prompt.
Mags Amond (Tenor) and Mary Haren (Alto) did a reprise of their "30 years Alphanumeric Ditty", with added extra verses. Predicton - future singing of certain verses in the Gloria will take great discipline for us to keep straight faces when when pondering Vivaldi in all his regalia..

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