Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Field trip to Albert Hammond concert in Castlebar

Thanks to Treasurer Liz Murray (alto) for organising a trip to the Albert Hammond concert in Castlebar on October 10th. 22 fans travelled, and we stayed over in Breaffy House. After a lovely dinner together in the hotel, we were carefully counted on to the bus to town, and took our front row seats in the Traveller's Friend theatre.
The concert was superb, all hits were sung by Albert in fine voice, accompanied by a terrific band, for well over two hours. There was much stage door swooning when Albert came to sign albums and have pictures taken after the concert.
Imagine our delight, back in the bar in Breaffy, to be joined by the very genial band members (all Scots, all gents) and also the bauld Albert himself. The singing was good, and the craic was too. If you look carefully, you'll spot himself in here between Claire Finlay (soprano) and Nora Kennedy (soprano).

We were all grateful for the relaxed late breakfast next morning, and in need of a swim or a walk in the woods.

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