Sunday, 27 November 2016

See House for Festival of the Dead 2016

We took part again in the See House performances as part of 2016 The Festival of the Dead. We worked with Eileen, Robbie Perry and his troupe of drummers to form a battalion of very spooky torch-wielding zombie soldiers who both greeted each audience as they arrived from town by bus, and shepherded them back out of the courtyard at the end of the show. It was a long day, between rehearsal, make-up, wardrobe and five performances we were on-duty from 2pm until 2am - but to be fair, we enjoyed every minute. The best fun was hiding in the woodland before each group arrived, watching for Pyrotechnic Paul to set of the flares and light our torches.
The imagination, drive, creativity, and planning that goes into this project is jaw-dropping...well done to Philip Doherty and the Gonzo crew, all of the Town Hall team, and from our musical perspective, Robbie Perry.
Roll on next Hallowe'en.

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